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Understand Eclipse classes by class diagram

Nowadays I working more and more with Eclipse, especially I'm writing some plug-ins to make it suit my needs, and I'm finding hard to understand all the relationships and dependencies that exists between all Eclipse's packages I am using.

One (hard) way is to dig into Eclipse help, but it's hard to believe that you will get somewhere very soon. Another (easy/convenient) way I found to be the usage of a Java class generator that is hosted online and which knows already over 70000 classes from different open-source Java well-known packages, such as Eclipse, Android, Open JDK, Squirrel SQL, JBoss, etc.

So here I am, looking up for some IDocumentSetupParticipant interface and not knowing what else in Eclipse it's using this. But there is a easy/convenient way to work out this, right?

understand eclipse class diagram


The tool I'm talking about is AgileJ StructureView and if it's happening that you need to get the big picture of a class within those open-source packages that I have already mentioned earlier, then you can just point your browser at ttp:// then search for your open-source project and click that link that will give you a page where you can search for a package or class name, member, whatever. It will present you the found class and its relationships (dependency/inheritance) with other classes.

It really has helped me understand Eclipse class diagram with easy.

Smooth and nice...

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Understand Eclipse classes by class diagram

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Understand Eclipse classes by class diagram

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