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How to rotate colors in Gimp

So you have a image file and you want to replace a colour with other (e.g. yellow with red and white blue):

how to rotate colors in gimp


You have Gimp and you don't know how to do it. It happens sometime, especially to me.

But here it is how to rotate colors in Gimp:

  • make sure that you image's mode is RGB (menu Image > Mode > RGB)
  • select Color > Map > Rotate Colors
    • you have he source (From) colour panel and the destination colour panel (To); use those two arrows inside the colour wheel and rotate them (counter) clockwise until you get the colour you want
how to rotate colors in gimp

GIMP menu: Color > Map > Rotate Colors

Others examples can be found here and here and perhaps in many other places.

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How to rotate colors in Gimp

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How to rotate colors in Gimp

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