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Android offline dictionary download available

The precompiled version of Android offline dictionary download link has been just shared. You can download it from my DropBox public folder.

  • lexicon.apk - the precompiled application for Android devices
  • - the training data for OCR module (English language); you need it in case you want to use app's OCR functionality
  • <xx>_<yy>.zip - the language database file for <xx> translation to <yy>
  • <xx>_<yy>_mp3_<nn>.zip - the MP3 audio files file for <xx> translation to <yy>; <nn> is just an index because the .zip is split in several parts

Each <xx>_<yy>.zip file is nothing more than a SQLite batch file that will create the corresponding SQLite database for <xx>_<yy> language. A such database can be easily opened from your terminal by launching "sqlite <db_path>", although probably you don't have too.

I cannot stress enough that if you are interested into knowing more about this project, to fork the project or just to compile the source by yourself then please review my other post where I have detailed exhaustively everything about the project. The project is open for everyone and its repository is hosted by Bitbucket at

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Android offline dictionary download available

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Android offline dictionary download available

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