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The default configuration of Braintree allows you to present your products, to sell and to settle the funds in your local currency only.

Example: you live in Singapore where the local currency is SGD. Your default Braitnree account will be in SGD. Your products should be presented only in SGD because this is the currency that the Braintree Sale Transaction will use.

However, with few exceptions the most merchants sell products in any other currency than their local currency. Nevertheless, they may sell products using multiple currencies. For these situations the Braintree allows different merchant account IDs, one for each additional currency. For instance, you may have:

  • a yourEURaccount for your EUR transactions
  • a yourUSDaccount for your USD transactions
  • a yourSEKaccount for your SEK transactions, etc.

This feature allows you to define any of these additional merchant account IDs. It sees what currency your WooCommerce order has and when creating the Braintree payment transaction it will use the currency specific additional merchant account ID. If no additional merchant account ID is found for your order’s currency then your default Braintree merchant account will be used instead. Read more.

This option will allow you to define additional accounts only for those currency supported by WooCommerce.


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