Advanced file explorer

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Enables exploring the remote file-systems

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No matter if you choose as a backup destination the local filesystem, a FTP server, a SSH server, a Dropbox, Google or WebDAV drive, this features allows you to navigate through their directory/file structure, to create, rename, remove or to download the remote content on the same way you do on your OS file explorer.
Without this feature you would have to create/rename/remove files/directories with the aid of some external applications (like a FTP application or on a separate Dropbox/Google web page, etc). Nevertheless without this feature you would have to set the destination path by typing the full path in a text box instead of navingation on a WYSIWYG interface. I love to see what am I doing while I’m doing and not just to wait and see what happens. If you are like me then this addon is certainly for you.

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