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Converting MySQL to PostgreSQL

Although both the MySQL and PostgreSQL implement the ANSI SQL language there are some differences in their CREATE statement syntax as well as their supported data types. This makes almost impossible converting MySQL to PostgreSQL server (or vice-versa) by generating the MySQL database script and then running it against the PostgreSQL server.

While attempting to migrate a MySQL database I have found that there are no so many (or not 100% workable) tools that could aid in such adventure. Thus we have yet another MySQL to PostgreSQL migration tool.

It features a web user interface as well as a CLI user interface that allows:

  • the creation and download of the PostgreSQL database script for a MySQL database
  • the live migration of such database by running the resulted SQL script against the PostgreSQL server

It also provides an asynchronous progress for the job execution such that you will know at any point how much has been done and how long it will take.

The source code has been made public and can be browser/downloaded at project's GitHub repository:

If you want to test it live (using your remote MySQL |PostgresSQL servers) then you can use my Sandbox version at:

For more information please visit the project repository.

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Converting MySQL to PostgreSQL

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Converting MySQL to PostgreSQL

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