My *nix world

Why helping me?

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Eugen and I am a keen Linux user. In my spare time I learn about Linux and when I find myself a new solution/approach to a problem, a new trick, a new solution, in general something that I consider to be useful to others, I share the info to the world.

How would help your donations ?

This is my humble contribution in spreading Linux in the world: if Linux would be a religion then I would be one of the few millions apostles that knock on your door to tell you why you need Linux, to give you a book then to take your money. No, just joking 🙂

Anyway, I want to dedicate my whole time in learning and working more around this cyber-ecosystem. Since I have some programming skills (C++, Assembly, Python, to name few) and some system administration experience I would like to use these skills in helping the Linux community to provide a better world for us, for our children, for those that were fortunate and have a decent live and for those that have nothing than their dreams and ambitions.

Why supporting Linux?

Linux, unlike other OS-es, it's a free software, conceived and meant for the free world. It already runs on your PCs, smart-phones, tables, TVs, home/office firewall and routers, car computers, refrigerators, alarm clocks, navigation systems, you name it.

Are the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) running on top of Mac or Windows OS ? No! Are the satellites controlled by some fancy Windows application? No! They are not designed for such things, although (even) they could be reliable to some extent.

The reasons that the free world is using Linux are countless, it would be easier to count the reasons why should they not using it. Although it's not a comprehensive list, I would emphasize the following (key) reasons for why supporting Linux:

  • Linux is reliable
  • Linux runs on your existing machines
  • Linux is free and requires no costly add-ons
  • Linux is the best supported operating system of all time
  • Linux has no Registry
  • You don't need to restart Linux
  • Linux has no SIDs
  • Linux has no licensing mechanism
  • Privacy issues
  • The GUI is optional
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Who's in control?
  • One size fits all?
  • Linux is multi-platform
  • Linux uses open protocols
  • Linux integrates with NetWare
  • Linux integrates with Windows networks
  • Linux integrates with Macintosh networks
  • Linux is a good career move

This list was grabbed from and if you don't know already what each of the above key words mean, I would really recommend you to follow this link to read more.

These are just few of the reasons for why helping me work further to improve this ecosystem. I'm not trying to get rich, I try only to pay the Internet and the systems I use to do that.

thank you

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