Schedule the WP backup via OS

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Enables running a scheduled backup job via local OS cron/scheduler

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This feature allows you to schedule the backup to run automatically as a predefined Linux/Windows scheduled cron job/task. Usually, for security reasons, the web server is configured such that the web application (this one for instance) does not have access to the OS configuration files/routines. It means that there is no way to create automatically a schedule at the OS level without the sys-admin intervention. What this feature does is that it creates the shell-command that you may use when you define the Linux/Windows scheduled task. Although you might create it by yourself (any sysadmin should know how to do it) it is not a trivial task because it is supposed that you have to recreate the command – by hand – each time you change something in the MyBackup configuration. Note that this feature makes no sense without the Backup CLI interface support feature. Backup CLI interface support allows you to run MyBackup from shell and thus you may use this feature to call the Backup CLI interface support from shell.


php cli-backup.php --verbose=1 --mysql --dir=/my-source-dir --disk --diskpath=/copy-here --diskage=5 --dropbox --dropboxage=5 –-excludeext=tar,gz,bz2 –-cpusleep=100

Note that there are at least 50 different options/switches available because MyBackup is quite a complex application so as I’ve said it’s not a trivial task. With this feature creating that command is just a breeze 🙂

Note: this product depends on (won't work without) the following products: Backup from command-line (CLI).

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