Backup from command-line (CLI)

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Enables running a backup job from command line

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This feature allows you to run the backup application from the command line. This option is mandatory if you want to schedule the backup to run via the OS scheduler (like cron on Linux or Task Scheduler on Windows).
The CLI tool has over 50 different options/switches available that allows you to set what to backup, how to backup and where to store the backup copies.

Usage example:

php cli-backup.php --verbose=1 --mysql --dir=/my-source-dir --disk --diskpath=/copy-here --diskage=5 --dropbox --dropboxage=5 –-excludeext=tar,gz,bz2 –-cpusleep=100

The above will create a backup named (compressed at maximum) of those files from /my-source-dir/ exclusing any file with extention *.tar,*.gz or *.bz. It will backup also all MySQL tables. Any temporary file will be saved at /tmp and the same is true for the log files. The output verbosity will be keept minimal. Furthermore the backup will be automatically splitted into different volumes if it exceeds the limit of 150MB. Any email notification will be sent at The final backup archive will be then deployed at Dropbox, on the local disk at /path/backup and nonetheless on Google. The CPU usage is throttled by setting a sleep threshold at 100ms.

Note: this product is used by the following products: Schedule the WP backup via OS.

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