Advanced network settings

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Enables fine-grained control of network communication

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These feature allows you to have a fine-grained control over how your system access and communicates with other systems. It allows you set globally the following settings:

  • the proxy settings:
    • type (HTTP/SOCKS)
    • host, port
    • authentication method (basic/NTLM) and the user/password
  • the SSL settings:
    • the SSL certificates path
    • if you want to enforce the SSL to check the peer identity and/or the host identity
    • the SSL version to be used (like TLS 1.x/1.0/1.1/1.2, SSL2 or SSL3)
  • a global download throttling threshold (see the Upload throttling)
  • a global request timeout that sets how long will wait for a web page to load until it generates a timeout-error
  • the name of the outgoing interface (network card) to be used; this is very useful for servers that have multiple network cards and you want to use a particular interface with this application

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