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The following comparison tool highlights what WP MyBackup may offer to you comparing with other similar products existent on WordPress market. Obviously our price is hard to beat but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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ZIP archive support
Backup to your web space
Backup to FTP server
Backup to Dropbox
Backup as email
Log file management
Data compression
Complete database backup
Basic log report via email
Files exclusion support
Directory exclusion support
Extension exclusion support
Backup Retention Policy
Send backups to multiple remote destinations
FTP SSL support
Fix backup time
Advance log report via email
Multisite Support
List of installed plugins
Multiple email backend and settings support
Database check
Log maintenance (rotation,compression,etc)
Tar archive support
Tar Gzip support
Tar BZip2 support
Database one-click backup & download
Custom archive name format
Built-in adjust PHP max execution time
Extended in-place help/tooltips/documentation
CPU throttling support
Wizard for system tests
Backup to Google Drive
Wizard for scheduled backup jobs
XML database backup as PHPMyAdmin schema
Restore backup
Multi-volume archive support
Addon extension support
Advanced FTP SSL settings
Backup to WebDAV
Automatic backup when updating WP/plugins/themes
Restore backups from other plugins
Lock settings access
Advanced WebDAV settings
Backup to SFTP/SCP
Execute remote SSH command
Execute remote FTP command
Enhanced application log support (error log, trace log, curl log, SQL log, Ajax log, SMTP log)
File/directory links inclusion/exclusion support
Built-in adjust PHP memory limit
Backup archives management
Start jobs per WP-Cron, URL, system, backend or WP-CLI
Backup/restore statistics and charts
Import and export job settings as XML
Complete file backup
Multiple backup jobs definitions support
Database backup for additional MySQL databases
Premium support
Differential backup of changed directories to Dropbox
Differential backup of changed directories to Google Drive
Database backup as mysqldump per command line
Database encryption/decryption support
Upload throttling support
Restore Wizard and advanced restore options
Job history query
LZF compression support
Incremental backup support
WYSIWYG file explorer (create/rename/remove directory, download/rename/remove file)
Linux/Windows compression toolchain support
mysqldump custom options support
Advanced networking support (proxy,SSL,timeout,network interface)
OS schedule auto-generated command support
File encryption/decryption support
Storage info (OS, user, quota, free/used)
Backup to S3 services (Amazon, Google Storage, Hosteurope and more)
Backup to Rackspace Cloud Files
Backup to Microsoft Azure
WordPress XML export
Backup to SugarSync
Custom API keys for DropBox and SugarSync
Backup to Amazon Glacier
Wizard to import settings and backup jobs
Differential backup of changed directories to Rackspace Cloud Files
Differential backup of changed directories to S3
Differential backup of changed directories to MS Azure
Backup to OpenStack (Swift)
Backup to DreamObjects
Backup to Microsoft OneDrive
Backup to
Migrate website
not included
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