With over 18 years experience in software projects my primary area of expertise and interest is the ERP, CRM and lately the CMS systems. I am fluently in PHP, Java, C++, SQL, JavaScript, CSS. I was fluently in VB, Delphi, C# and Assembly but not much nowadays :-).From time to time I work with Perl, Python, BASH and nothing makes me feel better than installing Linux from scratch (literally). My favourite Linux flavour is Gentoo and I liked Windows as well (at least its XP edition).
Virtualization (especially Qemu/KVM) has always excited me as well as VPN and VOIP. All systems I work with (FreeBSD/Linux/Android/Windows) are basically virtualized. I use to write about these topics on my blog.
Certainly there are many other things not mentioned above but the idea is that I decided to put all these things to work with and for the open source community. One of the largest community that works (successfully) around an open source project is WordPress (23% of the web runs WP ie. 106.9 websites) and so born WP MyBackup then Woo Braintree Payment, my first contributions to this community.

I genuinely hope to give back to the open source community at least as much as it gave to me.