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RAID / LVM not showing in Disk Utility

I have a Linux on a x86_64 system powered by Gentoo distro.

On my system I have one 90GB SSD + 2x500GB HDD. The 2x500 HDD are part of a LVM (with striping , mostly for performance reason).

Disk utility (Palimpsset, written by David Zeuthen) is a graphical tool that can be found on the Linux platform, it can be used for partition management, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, benchmarking, and software RAID.

When RAID / LVM not showing in Disk Utility then blame this bug.

It seems that you can temporarily fix this either by issuing at the console one of the commands bellow:

  • vgchange --refresh
  • udevadm trigger

lvm not showing in disk utility

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RAID / LVM not showing in Disk Utility

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RAID / LVM not showing in Disk Utility

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