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Enable Java applets in Firefox

Today I found that I need to run an Java applet within Firefox but Firefox does not provide by default (at least on my system) any plug-in for that.

I had already installed the IcedTea but it seams that my browser was not aware of that or I have no default configuration that will expose the IcedTea plug-in to my browser.

Likewise when you are configuring your Shockwave Flash plug-in into your Firefox (on Linux), you can configure also the IcedTea plug-in to enable java applets in firefox. Drop to your console terminal and type the following:

$ locate -i
$ cd ~/.mozilla/plugins/
$ ln -s  ./

So you should end up with a link to inside your ~/.mozilla/plugins/ folder.

Now, if you open your Firefox then Tools->Add-ons->Plugins you should see the "IcedTea-Web Plugin" aside other installed plug-ins you might have.

Make also sure that the button from the same panel/row as "IcedTea-Web Plugin" shows "Disable" - which means the plug-in is Enabled. If yours shows Enable then click on it to enable that plug-in then restart your browser (for the sake of the routine).

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Enable Java applets in Firefox

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Enable Java applets in Firefox

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