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X11 monitor usb storage

I am using Gentoo with XFce desktop environment. I would like to get notified each time a new USB storage is attached/removed. I am sure that there exists applets/plugins that do that but I would like it to keep it simple. What could be simpler than a bash script that you can write by your self?

So I came up with the following solution:

  • write a simple bash script (eg: monitor_usb-storage) which will check every 5 seconds if a new scsi/usv-storage have been attached and was registered in the /proc, and if it does then a notify balloon will be shown. The same thing when the device is removed.
  • set up that script to be automatically launched at session start-up

Monitor usb storage - a working solution

How my script looks like:

Start monitor_usb-storage as daemon at session start-up

In Xfce you can set up a Application Autostart (which are supposed to start at session start up):

  • Settings -> Session and Startup -> Application Autostart tab
  • define a new application autostart as bellow:
    • name: monitor_usb-storage (in fact it doesn't matter how you will name it)
    • command: monitor_usb-storage

So, the daemon will start when your X session starts and then will monitor the new usb-storage attached/removed every 5 seconds. When new device attached/removed then a balloon notification like the one bellow will be shown:

monitor usb storage

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X11 monitor usb storage

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